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What does the ‘m’ in mActivity stand for? The Power of Being Intentional in Your Workout

March 1, 2023
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What does the ‘m’ in mActivity stand for? The Power of Being Intentional in Your Workout

Many members ask me what the ‘m’ in mActivity stands for. In the beginning we toyed around with the idea that it stood for measured, or my. For some members it may be for mature or maximum. At the end of the day the idea of MINDFUL activity resonated most with what we set out to accomplish – especially in two areas – Being focused and intentional.

Have you ever had a great workout but felt like something was missing? It can be easy to get into a routine at the gym, but what if we could take our workouts to the next level with intentional, mindful activity? mActivity is designed to do just that. Let's explore why being focused and intentional when it comes to your fitness can help you reach your goals.

FOCUS: Creating an Environment Conducive to Mindful Activity

mActivity creates an environment that encourages mindful activity by reducing distractions such as loud music, TVs, and bright lighting. When there are fewer distractions, it is easier to focus on your workout and be present in the moment. We also use mirrors only where necessary for proper form. Natural light and real plants in the space create a calming atmosphere which allows you to clear away any other thoughts or worries so you can stay focused on your workout.

INTENTIONALITY and the Power of Habits

Habits are powerful tools for achieving goals. Studies show that forming habits and sticking with them can make it much easier to reach those goals. That's why we encourage members to be intentional about their workouts - if you plan out times when you come to the gym each week, don't just cancel on yourself without thinking twice! Treating yourself like you would any other appointment is key; this way, you'll build up consistency and eventually create healthy habits around exercise that will last for years.

At mActivity, we believe in taking your fitness journey one step further by introducing mindfulness and intentionality into your workouts. Our unique environment helps eliminate distractions so that you can focus on reaching your goals with maximum efficiency. We also encourage our members to stick with their plans and treat themselves like they would any other appointment; this will help them form good habits around exercise which will pay off in the long run! With a combination of mindful exercise and intentional planning, anything is possible!

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