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Get Pumped About The Rhythm +™ Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Stephanie Held
August 20, 2018
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We believe in playing music softer so you can hear your own breath. Turning down distraction so you can feel your own heartbeat. We believe in fostering a body-mind awareness as you exercise. This self-knowledge empowers us to grow beyond health trends in the media or in our social circles and finally do what is best for ourselves.

Because we know our community is filled with aspiring, curious, data driven, wonderful people who desire self-knowledge, we are pleased to introduce and offer the Rhythm +™ Armband Heart Rate Monitor by Scosche. Member Maura Foley, geologist, 7th and 8th grade science teacher, uses it during her workouts at mActivity and when she trains with her personal trainer, Kevin.

“I’ve always enjoyed competing with myself more than with other people. And because I am a scientist, I like knowing how effective my workouts are. By monitoring my heart rate on the screen at mActivity, I’m motivated to push myself a bit harder,” said Maura, “while also acknowledging my progress and knowing when to rest.”

The intention is to inspire personal accountability and cheer one another on by letting others know how you’re doing and what your goals are. Maura recently challenged herself to interval sprints on the treadmill; when she saw her numbers she was like, “OK, I can pump it up 90 percent for like at least 30 seconds and go from burning 528 calories to 550 calories.”

For Maura, her decision to get the Rhythm +™ was a practical decision as much as it was personal.

“I like that I can wear it on my forearm instead of around my chest — those are totally ridiculous for women and weren’t comfortable for me to wear. The Rhythm +™ works with 200 different fitness apps, so I’m able to take it on hikes up East Rock, too.

But you know, I just want to become the strongest, most athletic version of myself. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone other than to myself.”

The Rhythm +™ Heart Rate Monitor can be purchased at the front desk. Talk to one of our team members or personal trainers about getting yours today.





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