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Have you stumbled into one of these hurdles?

  • Quick fixes or crash diets where the results don’t last?
  • Feeling like you’re missing out on pleasurable life experiences by changing your eating habits?
  • Running out of willpower or self-control?
  • Confusion about contradictory nutrition and fitness information?
Nutrition coaching with Olivia of LivFitFuel helps you develop a personalized way to achieve your goals based on your lifestyle. So, those hurdles – frustrations and confusion – that have kept you from achieving your goals become a thing of the past.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being realistic. Together, you’ll build an optimal, creative and sustainable approach for lasting results. Nutrition is the key to seeing results, but for almost everyone, it is the biggest struggle.

Olivia is invested in changing the way people see “dieting” and uses unique approaches tailored to the individual client without restrictions, based on their lifestyle to enhance their life, not take away from it. In addition to her interpersonal coaching skills, she is well-known for combining scientific approaches, empathetic kindness and support, as well as her endless commitment to her clients’ long-term success.

Olivia is a Harvard graduate, a certified ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist, professional weight loss coach and owner of LivFitFuel.  

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Olivia Hallstein
Success to me is not just about getting my clients to achieve their body composition goals while under my care, but more importantly maintaining those results long term while enhancing their quality of life.

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