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Seafoam Green (Ireland)

Sunday, November 4, 2018
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Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green Leader Follows…His ‪Muse‬

Dave O'Grady - the singer & songwriter of the group 'Seafoam Green' - believes in following his muse. That muse led him as a young Dublin lad to root around his father’s LP collection when his dad was at work or away to discover gems like ‪Neil Young‬, CCR, ‪Paul Brady‬ & others.

That ‪muse‬ led him to leave his Dublin home at age 18 and move to Liverpool 10 years ago to chase his music. 6 months later, Dave found himself singing “With A Little Help From My Friends” on stage with ‪Ringo Starr‬ in Liverpool in a happenstance occurrence.

Dave & his musical singing partner Muireann McDermot Long joins him in July 2018 & he wants to bring Seafoam Green’s muse to you.

(Frank Veres & Luisa Tanno Duo)

Twice Around

Twice Around (Frank Veres & Luisa Tanno) is a modern, yet semi-throwback duo from Milford, Connecticut. Their sound can be classified as singer/songwriter with an essence of Pop and Melancholy. The foundation of their music is acoustic guitar and vocals; often with harmonies and guitar interplay, sometimes just one guitar and one voice, raw and rich.

Tickets adv. $15. $20. At the door

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