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mActivity is proud to introduce the newest member to our team, our nutrition coach – Olivia Hallstein. Food is fuel for our body and getting the right fuel helps in achieving good health. Reach out today for your complimentary 30 minute session with Olivia.

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“Success to me is not just about getting my clients to achieve their body composition goals while under my care, but more importantly maintaining those results long term while enhancing their quality of life.”

Olivia is a Harvard Graduate, a certified ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist, professional weight loss coach and owner of LivFitFuel. Her passion is to bring truth, reveal the myths and educate her clients about how to achieve true “fat loss” and especially how to keep it off. Nutrition is the key to seeing results but for almost everyone it is the biggest struggle. Most people have an easier time staying consistent with their workouts but find it challenging to be consistent with their nutrition.

She is invested in changing the way people see “dieting” and uses unique approaches tailored to the individual client without restrictions. Some of the many reasons why a typical ‘dieter’ makes four to five failed attempts a year to achieve their body composition goal is not because they don’t care, it is because they choose strategies that are either, 1. Not healthy and too extreme (quick fixes/crash diets) to be sustainable and have no real science based evidence, 2. It decreases their quality of life, meaning they are missing out on pleasurable life experiences they once enjoyed, Or 3. Rely on “willpower” and “self control” which is an emotion one cannot always rely on. She works with her clients to develop a way to achieve their goals based on their lifestyle so it can enhance their life, and not take away from it.

In addition to her interpersonal coaching skills, she is well known for combining scientific approaches, empathic kindness and support, as well as her endless commitment to her clients long term success. A native of Maine and recent member of the East Rock community, you will often find her burying her nose in a book, or on the computer always researching, continuing to learn, finding new methods and ways to help her clients be successful.

She offers a 30 minute complimentary nutrition consultation to all members and non-members to discuss goals, challenges, current lifestyle and learn more about her programs and nutrition philosophy.