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Mon-Fri: 5am-9pm | Sat-Sun: 7am-6pm location285 Nicoll Street, New Haven, CT 06511 tel203-936-9446


mActivity is a community. mActivity staff are seasoned trainers as well as health and wellness consultants. They are ready to become a vital part of your community, helping you to set goals, track and measure progress, and attain success. mActivity understands that physical fitness is only one aspect of health and wellness. Along with fitness training, mActivity offers a variety of programs, from group hikes through the park to conversations with scientists, from gallery receptions with artists to cooking demonstrations. mActivity’s public café and conference room/gallery promise to offer mActivity members as well as the larger New Haven community an inspirational and lively place to come together.

Community Health:

mActivity is committed to offering one free public group fitness class per week and to collaborate with the East Rock neighborhood, City of New Haven, universities and strategic cross sector partners to improve the health of New Haven.

East Rock Park

mActivity is adjacent to East Rock Park where woodland trails and hills offer a variety of opportunities for fitness with the added benefit of direct engagement with nature. mActivity is committed to the stewardship of East Rock Park and the surrounding community.

East Rock Park

Friends of East Rock Park
Photo Credits:
Top left: Craig O’Connell
Top right: Michelle Reynard Georgevich
Bottom left: Mark Branch
Bottom right: Maja Duszkiewicz