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 Membership includes unlimited group training!

$49/month with annual agreement

$59/month with monthly agreement

$75/ 30-day agreement



At mActivity, you are greeted to a completely new level of personalized fitness options, with high-tech equipment to help you optimize your individual workouts. Sync our cardio machines with your activity monitor to track your progress, maintain workout intensity, and maximize training to ensure that you’re on the road to meet your fitness goals.

We have personal trainers available for coaching, a Physical Therapist for your rehabilitation and wellness needs, and a supportive community for ongoing motivation. In addition to generous business hours and an extensive fitness schedule, mActivity offers WellBeats Virtual fitness classes to suit your time requirements.

Membership Benefits

  • Starting point session with a trainer
  • Nutrition Coach Session
  • Group and Cycling Classes
  • Virtual Classes
  • Unlimited Group Training (Functional Workouts on the turf)
  • Steam and Sauna rooms
  • Top quality amenities in locker rooms with complimentary fresh towels

Corporate Wellness Program

  • Corporate membership plan available. For more information Benefits Managers please contact Burch on 203-936-9446 or by email to know more.
  • Unlimited access to gym, group and cycle classes.
  • Movement and Stability Assessment
  • Initial medical body composition analysis (InBody) to ascertain individual fitness and goals.

As a Traveling Nurse, I am ECSTATIC to stay this is the best Fitness Center I have ever experienced.

Not only is it pristinely new, but it is totally zen in nature.  I walk in feeling calm!

The absolute BEST selling point for this gym, to me, is the Virtual Training Room.  Anytime there isn’t a class going on (Which there are TONS of off times) you can choose your own class, and workout yourself, at YOUR pace!  Anything from Zumba to Kickboxing!

On Site Fruit and Protein Smoothie bar, which are out of this world as well.

They offer yearly, and monthly payment options and they are extremely reasonable for this state.

Thank you Birch for your hospitality, and MUCH success for you and your business partner!.


This place is awesome. Literally anything/everything you could possibly want from a gym. State of the art machines and equipment. Everything brand new. Pilates room, spinning room, massage, group fitness room, etc. State of the art technology (you can choose places to “virtually cycle” in different parts of the world), you can have a virtual instructor put you through a workout in one of the rooms, etc). The turf training section has the same exact equipment that elite athletes use to train (it actually looks and feels like a place an NFL or NBA team would work out): numerous boxes, battle ropes, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, tires, etc). In addition to all of that, the rest of the facilities are also very high level. Very nice locker rooms with steam room and sauna, a cool “business center” and big nice open lounge when you first walk in, and a little cafe/smoothie bar where you can get great healthy food/shakes/etc. I had their chocolate peanut butter protein shake post workout, and it was delicious. This is a very cool and unique gym and would 100% recommend that you check it out. Seriously.Read More



All, I have traveled the country on business for over 30 years and have dropped in or become of member of every major gym franchise in the union. I pass through New Haven often on business and this has become my every morning destination before I engage my business or personal day.
Second to none, mActivity is the best place I have ever seen! And it starts with the owners Pablo and Burch, their very friendly and engaged staff members and the very cool members they have aggregated.
Top headlines:

  • The equipment is all new and top of the line. Especially the “Hoist” machines. The seats and apparatus swivel appropriately with size and range of one’s body movements.
  • The Men’s room is akin to what you would experience in a top end country club membership. Nice size lockers, clean showers, sauna, steam room and appointments.
  • The actual work out area is very well lit, equipment is sensibly arranged and clustered around the focus of your work out. Many gyms get this very wrong.
  • Breakout rooms for cycling, yoga, and other group exercise events are right off the main workout room, but have their own interior space and vibe.
  • Wall colors and overall tone and feel of the space is very warm — especially at 05:00 on a weekday morning.
  • Finally, the background “house music” is not too loud or so over the edge that you feel you need to take a sedative. Most gyms get the music volume and selection very wrong. Not here.

Most people this time of new resolution year are grumbling, “I gotta get into the gym.” A few visits here and you get into the swing of the place you’ll be saying something more like, “I gotta get out of here. I’ve got to get to work.” Yes, it is that well engineered and managed.
Again, the owners, staff and members are great.

So………sign up!

Member Referrals

We want more members like you. At mActivity, we prefer to grow from within. You know us best and you know people who would enjoy and benefit from mActivity. So, invite them in. We’ll be happy to show them around and extend them a guest pass.
And when they decide to join you earn points that can be used for Café and mActivity goods and services.


Mon – Fri: 5am – 9pm | Sat – Sun: 7am – 6pm